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PP and LGD in Hot Climate.

I will be moving to South Florida in approx. a year to a 10 to 30 acre property in a rural setting. My property will be fenced and then have chicken wire inside it to prevent animals from entering. There will be predators such as black bear, florida panther, boar, coyote, fox, water moccasin, rattler, hawks, eagles etcetera. I will have horses, goats, sheep, birds and dogs. I'm looking for a versatile dog that is a personal, property and also livestock guardian. The summer's here will be hot and humid in the mid to high 90's so a traditional LGD with long hair will not be an feasible option. Does anyone have any ideas on what type of dog will fill this need. I would also like input from owners of properties of 10 or larger acres regarding ways to lessen the mowing. I'm thinking letting the horses out in a large paddock of 5 or more acres and not having to mow it will this work. I will also have a dog kennel on the property. A shelter and area for sheep and goats. I'm wondering if I could use the sheep and goats to maintain the grass around the house as well. I'm not lazy with mowing, weed eating etcetera. I currently live on 5 1/2 acres and have put many hours in of mowing, weed eating, pressure washing. I don't want to get carpal tunnel because of the vibrating of these machines. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Check out Andrew Johnston works with livestock guardian breeds such as the kangal and Boerboels. He runs a goat dairy farm in Washington state. His dogs are reasonably priced and he knows a thing or two about needing a good lgd.  He also likes sending his dogs to working homes. 

I like this guys kennel set up. The "raised" dog house keeps things easy to hose off and sanitary. I like the trough that funnels into a pipe that goes out into the woods...away from the kennel.



They are raised around kids and livestock as well. His 1-10 breed descriptions are spot on too. Hard to find breeders that don't just peddle bs to sell their dogs but he's as honest as any I've found. I got our boerboel-kangal-dogo from him. For a more livestock oriented approach a higher percentage kangal or kangal hybrid may be the best way to go

Thanks Joshua.

I don't know if those type of dogs will work. Boerboel maybe.

I wonder what you and others think of:

1) Bully Kutta

2) Alabai

3) Pit Bull

4) Bandogge which consists of 50% Pit Bull 50% of your chosen breed.

5) Or maybe having a few different breeds with different jobs and see how they work together.

I wonder how a Pit Bull X Boerboel would function for this duty too.




On 10 acres, a couple horses and goats will keep it "mowed" pretty good. If you get sheep they will eat it down pretty good.  So, with those animals you will only have to mow around the house. I suggest fence in your home site so you don't have horses, sheep, and goats jumping on things that you want to keep.

About the breeds - Central Asian Shepherd, Kangal, Anatolian, a "good" German Shepherd or one of the bully types mentioned by others would do the trick in that weather. Please note that we have Caucasian Ovcharka in South Texas (today's high 106F).. :) with water, shade, and a fan they do ok.

Yes I will cross fence it. Sounds pretty good...


status?  What did you end up doing there?