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Pitbull Police Dogs

As many know, pit bulls get a bad reputation for being an aggressive dog. But there’s a San Antonio non-profit proving they're actually great dogs, and make even better working dogs for law enforcement.

There’s a stereotype for what a police dog looks like and it’s definitely not a pit bull. Instead, pit bulls are often stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous.

KENS 5 got to witness the work of some pit bulls getting ready to prove they make great police K-9s

What do you think of the American Pitbull Terrier being used as a police dog?

Rest of the story...

thats pretty cool. but is the dog an actual pitbull, as in a apbt game dog? dog looked more like a mix to me. my dogs arent real pitbulls either, even though they are labeled so. anyways, i think its really good, and sure pitbulls can do it. Although I dont think they are ideal due to the dog aggression.