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in any case crossed or not they are only different lineage but as everything wants to be different breeds especially the breeders who gives it to hearts of joy and everyone follows me I say this is not the dog must to be differentiated whereas this the same race but the man for these customs that is the usa or other country nobody wants to recognize this race has just historical value and even more when he and say that the blue paul terrier does not exist any more the aspect and well there now look for the error for me this race will still be as beautiful before as after and even if some will still differentiate lineages

The English Bull Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier cross is probably a great mix and would produce an awesome worker.  Not sure I would want one as those two combined would have a tremendous amount of drive.  Probably a nice looking bully.

Gary Sicard

I prefer the differences they both offer. Seen the cross before, when done correctly it isn't bad. But too many use subpar dogs and end up with a subpar out come. 

why do people have a need to make such a difference to make a lot of doggie because it's so good for them that it's just a dog for the boston terrier and the old boston-bull-terrier c 'and the same while it is also a bull terrier the German shepherd and also recognized as Alsatian shepherd or panda shepherd in some countries but unfortunately people like differentiated and recognize as a single race by a name and not by these names and that many have fun to make us believe no no it is such race and not such race and among those who are not naive many are the worst I like the bull terrier and I study even now and the bull-terrier with an oval head would be Irish of origin and not from england already that the red nose will never be recognized in the breed bull-terrier then the origin do not speak about it and it's a pity



Ok. Ok... now when you talk about the German Shepherd and the Alsatian - I will have to assume that you know something about history and the time period that happened. You see, the Brits, at the time wanted nothing the had the word "German" in it.. if you know history you will understand why.... if you don't please reply and I will educate you.

Gary Sicard

let me know more because even the smallest details and personally I like and then if I can see them it will give me more information to have and especially if you do not mind and now question how come that the TITAN TERRIER, YORKSHIRE BANDOGGE, DOGO SARDO, DOGO ROMANO and many others that we could see at our ease but now nothing for years and in advance A BIG THANK YOU for the answer and also for the crisp detail you also talked about english against the german word yes but similar for the american kennel club no with the word pit it changes the word and the bull has the word staffordshire to avoid the word pit for x reason but the names of the bull remain the same

Because of the war and the bombardment of of London, there was a serious animosity to anything German - so the Brits called the German Shepherd the Alsation. Did not want to have a "German" dog at that time.