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What do you think of this training?

What do you think is a good school to become a certified dog trainer? I'm looking to work with dogs and this course has six months of online, 10 hours of working with a shelter or humane society of my choice then 240 hours of working with someone that is already a certified dog trainer. The complete curriculum is one year.

I'm looking to learn how to become a trainer then branch out to other specialties. Other specialties aren't inexpensive, I've seen one military work dog training costing 11K. This is an extensive program and dogs like this are used in military to work with service members in combat.

I like personal protection too. I'd like to learn schutzhund. There is schutzhund course near me which is 5K for 4 weeks.

What is everyone's opinions on any of these schools or any others that are credible.

I may need to work a few years as a trainer before taking the other specialties so that I have a solid foundation.

I want to eventually breed, board and train as a business.



I just saw this post and visited the link.  After cruising through the site it appears that it is probably a good course. Online courses are quite good these days at technology has enable very good online presentation and interaction for instructors and students.  The thing you want to be aware of is what is their basis for the instruction - do they do correction, positive reinforcement training, physical correction - basically is it just theory based on a method.  Nothing wrong with it but you must be aware.

Seems like a good choice as a place to learn the basics and then put it into practice.

Gary Sicard