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another break in

hey guys, so unfortunately i havent been able to really work my dog like I want to because I have had to deal with taking him to the vet non-stop. for some reason he is getting this crazy swelling and large pus filled boils in his paws. Cant seem to figure it out. I am currently feeding him raw beef, hes on apoquel, and anibiotics, and they really arent doing much! I really dont know whats going on, his paws are so infected, i popped one of the boils, it squirt into my eye, and I now have pink eye, a very stuffy nose, and a cough.


anyways despite that, we had another break in. Came home to find out a crack head had been squatting in my shed towards the back of the property. I guess he got out of there in a hurry but decided to leave his crack pipe, clothes, joint, and half eaten top ramen in a baby wipes container behind.


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