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apple cider vinegar repels fleas

has anyone heard of giving dogs apple cider vinegar to repel fleas? I am being told this works because they "sweat" it out through their pours.

I just nodded my head and agreed with them for the sake of it, but it sounds like complete nonsense to me, dogs dont sweat, they pant.

anyone heard of this?

I haven't heard about this. I know it is being said to do everything for humans. I doubt if it does fleas for dogs because if comes out of their pores. You are correct dogs pant to cool themselves instead of sweat. It is said the garlic helps with fleas. But garlic, onions, etc is poisonous to dogs. A little garlic is unlikely to kill a dog. It generally takes a lot to make them sick. Eve more to cause more harm. I'm still skeptical of the benefits that it will have on humans. I haven't read enough of the research to form an opinion.

yeah, the bully world is full of so many idiots and i pretty much was in a argument about how dogs dont sweat they pant so apple cider vinegar sweating out their pours to repel fleas is stupid.

I am a nurse, so I have a medical education. What is being implied is that if the dog drinks the vinegar, the blood is so acidic, the fleas die when they drink it. In reality if the dogs blood was that acidid, the dog would die. and in order for the dogs blood to be that acidic, you would have to administer it iv