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good news

so got some good news. I have finally networked with some guys that do K9 training in my area that know what they are doing, and will be starting my dog out in training once a week now. Did our first session yesterday. 


this was new to me but im going to guess you guys were probably already aware.........seems to be alot of "dog trainers" out there that dont know wtf they are doing. 

some pics from my 2nd session with this guy. His dogs, or the dogs he has been working with were very well trained. I was quite impressed. 


seems to be alot of "dog trainers" out there that dont know wtf they are doing. 

 Oh man, you got that right. Good trainers are hard to find.  How close are you to ST. Johns, MI?  I know a good trainer there and that is where Besty and Jessica train their dogs.

Thanks for sharing the photos of your dog in action. Very cool


im in sunny southern california cool


just a little far away lol

Ah yes - just a tad far away.. lol.  I did not check profile to see where you were.  :)

Hey there, I am located in Los Angeles and I have been looking for a serious and knowledgeable Bandog breeder for a while.  I am not into the over-sized Bandog types that are ever so popular, I prefer medium/big with great movement and stamina.  Your dog's structure looks good in the picture!  Let me know if you know of an experienced breeder please.  I will be looking into getting a female with solid nerves, great confidence, sound structure and healthy!  hope to be in the range of 85-95 lbs and 24-26 inches at the shoulder, with a preference of 90 lbs, 25 inches. Thanks.   

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