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next dog

hi guys, so im looking to get another dog in a a couple of years and wanted to just talk about it and get some breed suggestions. The dog I want to get will be used for property guarding. Now dont let this statement upset anyone as im going to be as I already am, a responsible owner with my dog. I want a dog that WILL bite, for those that know me and my personal situation. I can almost guarantee that my next dog will encounter an intruder and when he does, I need the dog to respond accordingly. I want a dog that will naturally bite without training. I plan on training the dog. But I want a dog with enough natural instinct, that if I never trained the dog, he will still bite. Basically, i prefer overly aggressive than not aggressive enough. While I am gone and my wife and kids are home alone I will be relying on this dog to protect my family. Therefore too much is better than not enough.


All that being said the dogs that I have in mind are either the CO, Kangal, or possibly a GSD or Mallinois. 


1) CO, from everything that i can gather this dog should do the job great, however I dont like the long fur of the dog and dont want to hassle with the grooming, it can also get very hot where i live as I am in the souther california desert 115 degrees in the summer is common.

2) Kangal, man i really like this dog, from my understanding its temperament is very similar to the CO, which I like. I also like the dogs build, its a thinner leggier dog wich equals athleticism. What a i dont like about the dog is the its dog aggression. however i dont know the extent of the dogs DA. If its DA is so bad I cannot leave a male and female alone together, or cannot bring another dog of the opposite sex in at anytime, perhaps its not the dog for me. 

3) GSD/mallionois after getting into the bitework scene and seeing these dogs work, I am quite impressed with them. The GSD seem to do a great job. For the malinois i like the smaller dogs for their speed, the malinois seems like it can also be passed off as a smaller mixed mutt type dog which would help with any breed restrictions or negative stereo types.


out of all the dogs mentioned.......the kangal is my favorite.



I really dont know the extent of the kangals DA. From what I can gather, its supposed to be very DA yet in this video, the kangals dont seem to be very DA at all. Just a bunch of barking. My current dog would have gotten into a fight instantly in this same scenario.

It appears that you are on the right track with your breed selection.  Couple things.

The CO may be too much dog if you don't have a big property and want to introduce new dogs to your place whenever you want.

Kangal - is only DA to dogs that challenge its authority. Remember they have other dogs on the job while working.

GSD & Mal - good dogs but for property protection you want something that is a deterrent just by it size and presence and still can engage.

You did not mention:

Central Asian Ovcharka - milder than CO - will engage - large dog so presence is there.  Similar to Kangal

Serbian Defense Dog - Now that is the dog you want if you can find one.

Cane Corso & Bullmastiff may also work.if you get the right one.


Gary Sicard