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temperament test

Hi all, I sure like the new site, will take awhile to navigate it but I LIKE it! Now for a :?: , I have read as well as been told by an expert breeder of CAO's,that it is not safe to temperament test a CAO before it is 18 months or older. The reason as explained to me, was because they don't forget it, and if they fail the test a few times it can make them very aggressive. I would like others opinions on this subject. Thanks Ro~
That is the same information that I have. It is not recommended before 18 months due to the forming of the dogs temperament - which I think is completed by age 2 years. The severe aggitation required for the test may unduly impact your dogs behavior after the test is over. I'd say wait until your Central Asian is 2 years old. It is usually good practice to go with the advice of the person who sold you the dog! They usually have a better understanding of their dog's temperament and behavior! G-
Hi, I have a 7 months old CAO. I did a CAL 1 test with at the age of 6 months. He handled the gun shots and people approching me just fine. When the tester came from behind a wall with a stick and started running around us and confronting from a distance my dog just stayed closer in front of me and did not show any aggression. I believe tests like this are ok as long as you don't push too much on a young dog. I would not let him be really agitated this early in his development. But, never the less, for the experience with gun shots and general interaction with people, who act differently, this was a good practice. A question that I have is, At what age would you start protection training with a male CAO who has an ALPHA personality? Thank you Steve
Thank you for your reply and advice. :D He excepts me as his boss and so far behaves very well with me submiting to training and commands. But with dogs and strangers he acts very dominant. I will definatly hold off till 18 months - 2years for protection training Thank you Steve
Thank you for your advice. I am curently doing obidience training with him and sinse he is a young pup he trys to chalange me sometimes with I always stop him from doing and obviously its not fun for him. So when you say to make it always fun, do you mean always or only when he is behaving properly Thank you
Is there any reliable temperament test for these dogs (CO&CAO) in the whole world??They are so unique dogs!! Do we understand their temperament really right or are we people just guessing? 8O Main guestion is: do we need to test? And why we test? And what we test?Beast or tool or somthing else?How do we use LGD-dogs at home? Are they working dogs or "just pets"? I think,we cannot use those tests which are for shepherd dogs.I think we must invent a test for guarding dogs too.Who wants the honour? :wink: Quite a difficult questions to solve alone.I hope somebody shares his/her opinion with me. :)
I do not believe in temperament testing COs. We have 4 of them and do not see why that would be necessary. Most people spend the majority of their time trying to get a CO to not show their temperament because it is a very frightening event. Now if a proper test could be devised to show the true temperament of a LGD I may consider that - Does anyone want to colloborate on such a project?
I am just bumping this topic to see if there is any interest in devising a proper temperament test for an LGD. The test should probably involve the protecting of Property, personal space and alerting to intruders and probably culminating with the dog confronting at trespassser. I have no experience in this regard but I know many of our members do. Let us hear from you.
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Can I trained CAO for secyuriti and guard work?Are they have strong territoryal and defens instinct?Are they good guardian?Has anyone picture of some CAO doing bite work?
Yes you can train cao for security and guard work.they have born instinct for teritory and defense.They are one of the best guardians
And the best dogs on world for me :D
I would love to see pictures of a CO doing bite work. I have never seen it done before. But as many times as I have heard on here how aggressive this breed is why would you need to train them in it. Are people going to be able to control them after being trained in Protection? I train my Presa's in it but I do not see the agressiveness that most Presa's folks try to talk about. Both of my male Presa's have passed there CGCs and are on there way to take the Spanish version of the TT test here in the states. called CCF Anyway, thought I would ask. Thanks Deb
I have just got a 4 months puppy of Central Asian (CAO). I had a Tosa Inu before, so I know a little about "alpha" human and how such a large breed should be held. However, I feel I'm still far from how should I raise it in the MOST proper way. I am sure (from what I read so far) it is a very good guardian and good enough with kids, no problem with that. I would like to know how THIS breed is specifically different and how I can assure my "alpha" position toward it. Then, I will post here what the breeder from where I've got the puppy thinks. :roll: Please advise. Thank you a lot.
By default you are the leader. So give your establish the rules by which your dog lives. Be consistent, persistent and repeatitive. You have a puppy with a strong sense of property and duty and if you do not establish the rules of its existence, it will. On the forums here are posted much advice about how to establish and maintain the position of leadership. Bottom line is that you are the leader already unless you relinquish the role. The breed is not so different from other livestock guardians such as the CO and Sharplaninac while it is a puppy. You had a Tosa so you should have some experience with large dogs. The CAO will be more dominant and possessive than the Tosa. There are CAO owners on here so maybe some of them who have raised puppies can help you out. You may want to go into a bit more detail about your experience, living situation and what the dog will be doing on a daily basis. The more we know the more appropriate the responses will be. Good luck.
The member who posted this text was banned - and the post is depricated.
You showed nice contrast between the family dog and the defender. :D
I have no pictures with my puppy yet. For now, I will post the pictures of his father. What do you think about it?
he is a beautiful dog. MY god, look at that stare!!!!!!
agree very nice dog and great colour. :D
...and, finally, some pictures with my CAO puppy (4months old). Sorry for such low photo quality... the black one :) and profile: and a funny one:
very nice photos. :D I was wondering that if a co pass the test with excellent,will he still have the character of a real co? Greetings des Is this an example of a good temp test?
Beautiful sire and he's a good looking pup. One question: Why do you have a prong collar on him at 4 months of age? He can't be *THAT* unruly on leash - especially at that age. Unless you're giving improper corrections...
[quote=Xamen13]Beautiful sire and he's a good looking pup. One question: Why do you have a prong collar on him at 4 months of age? He can't be *THAT* unruly on leash - especially at that age. Unless you're giving improper corrections...[/quote] Thank you :) No, I haven't started any training yet. The collar is just to get him accustomed with it. In fact, I used that collar only to bring him into the car and then to my home; the collar isn't even mine... So, no problem with it. However, a problem is that I think the dog got hard/rude "correction" (beating) from his breeder. The puppy was very scared, but now, after about a week, the puppy seems happy and self-trusty. I am very loving with him now to gain his trust, so I wait with the training for about a month. I read in some book that the character of the dog can be changed for his entire life in this period of growing. Is that 100% true? Because I din't want someone to beat my dog :evil: :evil: :evil:
Sorry, maybe the dog just had to get accustomed with me. It was just my supposition that the dog was beaten because he was extremly reserved with me at the beginning. I don't really know if he was really scared .... I'm just a bit confused. But now he seems really fine.
dont worrie too fast its normal for a cao to be reserved at the beginning
I have one question i heard that CAOs temperament changes when he have 8 months,i mean to dogs and other people is that true?
The member who posted this text was banned - and the post is depricated.
[quote=OvcharkaGirl] My dogs always had prong on from 4mths .. I think of a prong as power staring... I just think the one on the pup is a little large. Congrats on your beautiful baby.[/quote] What is the "prong"? are you talking about my pup?
Thanks for answer,and for a baby if you mean on Aaron
My puppy at 6 months old now: Please tell me your opinion. "Ursu" (Bear) has 6 month old and 64 cm height. How much they can grow further from now on?
Kill me but am I really the only one who sees CO (or something like cane corso) in CAO64 puppy`s father? 8O
[quote=Finland]Kill me but am I really the only one who sees CO (or something like cane corso) in CAO64 puppy`s father? 8O[/quote] i dont see no corso but that pups father is a caucasian with a docked tail.....
Ok, well that`s what I tought. CAO64 just wrote "cao-puppy" :)
[quote=Shred"][quote="Finland]Kill me but am I really the only one who sees CO (or something like cane corso) in CAO64 puppy`s father? 8O[/quote] i dont see no corso but that pups father is a caucasian with a docked tail.....[/quote] How do you know that? Do you take enjoyment in insulting someone else's pet?
[blockquote]How do you know that? Do you take enjoyment in insulting someone else's pet?[/blockquote] This from the **cough** man who will shiite on anything that doesngt have a 10 generation pedigree and doesnt have videos of all the prior breedings taking place. Go back to what ever rock you crawled out from under.
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Generally the CAS appear to come from dogs that are great guards. There are always dogs of all breeds that do not follow the breed type. But how would you test one then? Would you say that the central Asian Ovchakas make good pets as well with kids and other dogs etc. Does anyone know the best breeders to obtain one from? Thanks
I will post this on the Co threads as well - For a first time owner of an Ovcharka- Would a CAO be a better bet than a Co (Generally). Easier to handle and easier with the family to control? If anyone has experience with both cao and co ?
Hello, I'm very far of being an expert, but I own a CAO for 1 year now, and he was 2 years old when I adopted it. He do need to understand you are the boss, because if not he can became very dominant, and being a pretty big boy :wink: , it may be dangerous. Never let a stranger approach your CAO without your presence as he may be very agressive when feeling danger. Besides that, he is an extremly nice and adorable pet, he even can learn to apreciate cats, and when understanding that new persons he meet are not a danger is very nice to them, specially with kids. Well, this concerns my boy, I guess you surely know that each dog is special and has its own character. Hope it can help you a little bit.