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why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?! - part 2

I didn't include the link. I have no intentions on doing that to anyone. Of course I disagree with the person. But that is my opinion. As far as paper. Who cares. I do/ Just like you said you don't know how inbred it is. In cases like this no one knows of it is one breed or multiple breeds. You can have your little appraisals and the dog is just as much of a mutt that anything and pass an appraisal score.


I'm perfectly okay with having a working aptitude test separate from the conformation. It should be separate as they are not one in the same. It is not a requirement in the USA. Neither is a requirement. This again is why there are so many exaggerated traits showing up in all breeds.


Speaking of hips. Having hip scores are great. It would be nice if it is required. But if it has bad hips it shouldn't be in any stud book. It should be allowed to reproduce. having bad hips does not mean it's pups will have it. But the chances are higher for the offspring to have it or be carriers. Then there are those that have bad hips due to environmental things, but why take that chance. If you care about the dog or the breed you should take those types of risk.It will affect future generations of dogs. it will lead to more generations of dog having hips lie the GSD or having the ridge in the ridge back.