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Supply Chain Management
Soccer, reading, website development, dogs, nature, hiking, learning, shooting,business process improvement, supply management, helping people.
hiking, conservative politics, books, good movies, technology, business systems, improvement, management, problem solving
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cainine blogs,
Andrew Wilkow, Mike Church, Durdge Report
Gary Sicard
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reggae, jaz, tropical rock, soft rock, clasical
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10 Commandments
Gone with the Wind
Twin Warriors
How the West Was Won
Star Wars
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Dancing Wu Li Masters, Term Limits, Out of the Crisis, Sudden, Atlas Shrugged, Ameritopia, Liberty and Tyranny, Federalist Papers,
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Gary Sicard
United States
San Antonio, TX
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The new feature of the program that runs is something called Outline which displays
gsicard 04.06.2016 0 544

Over the past few months I helped one of our members rebuild her Neapolitan Mastiff website using Wo
gsicard 06.12.2015 7 693

In this article Caen Elegans graphically depicts the differences in several breeds. The changes cove
gsicard 04.10.2015 22 1127

I looked around for a good article from the creative commons that I could post here to assist our me
gsicard 27.07.2015 10 840

Governor Abbott Signs House Bill 910: Texas Open Carry Bill New law t
gsicard 16.06.2015 3 819

This week we had a former member who posted some very nice photos of Central Asians and Kangals.  He
gsicard 28.02.2015 9 1055

The server where Molosserdogs reside will undergo 1 hour of maintenance on February 24th from 1 AM t
gsicard 19.02.2015 0 535

The groups module was improved with several new features. Please see a partial list of enhancements
gsicard 08.02.2015 0 574

LUCIUS JUNIUS MODERATUS COLUMELLA On AgricultureIn Treatsie 7: small animals: asses, sheep, goats, p
gsicard 02.02.2015 3 930

We went and saw the movie "Lone Survivor" on 19 Jan 2014 after it has been out for a week. I expecte
gsicard 22.01.2014 1 841

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. -- George Washington

Well there  you have it.. I am Gary, the one who started this website in 2000. It has seen some mutations from a photo-gallery only using photopost software, to a forum using phpbb, then a CMS using PHPnuke, to a CMs using e107 and now you have its latest incarnation in the form of a social networking community site powered by dolphin.  Through all this time I have tried to maintain impartiality towards the members and their views and gave reasonable freedoms to those who want to post and share their knowledge.

The breed profiles can be found in the Articles section in the appropriately named categories.  The vast majority of the profiles were written by Wolf a former member and administrator.

I am the one to contact if you have any questions or concerns about this site.  If you have any dog questions please post them in the appropriate forums of write a blog about it.  

I wrote all this stuff here so that other members can see that they can write a description also... What are you waiting for.. get your description updated... Welcome. 

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My News
A couple asks their locality to exempt their blind Staffy Bull from BSL
12.08.2015 · From gsicard
The FCI has amended country of origin for Tibetan breeds.
09.08.2015 · From gsicard
Weekly news roundup 13 July 2015
13.07.2015 · From gsicard
Over a year removed from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, many of the stray dogs are now adopted and settled in new home in the U.S.
10.07.2015 · From gsicard
My Articles
Today the problem of Aboriginal and local breeds of domestic animals saving, including dogs, is recognized by the world community as an important part in the saving of cultural and natural heritage of the planet
Dogs  History
12.08.2015 · From gsicard
How love and integrity breeds good dogs (Central Asian Shepherd) by Holly Kellum, Epoch Times
Dogs  Breeding
23.07.2015 · From gsicard
The Red Necklaces worn by Tibetan Mastiff to protect them from predators and to distinguish them from a distance.
Dogs  History
25.06.2015 · From gsicard
This article is by Dr. Jeff Levy, DVM, PCH
29.01.2015 · From gsicard
Homeopathic treatment can be very effective in treating arthritis conditions in dogs.
29.01.2015 · From gsicard
Wolf (Canis lupus) packs have long been used as examples in descriptions of behavioral relationships among members of social groups.
Main  Content
25.12.2014 · From gsicard
We know very little about the ancestry of the Weimaraner and such knowledge as we have comes mainly from the United States
Main  History
19.05.2014 · From gsicard
Probably no other skin disease will cause your dog to scratch and bite at her skin with such intensity.
12.05.2014 · From gsicard
Otodectic mites are tiny insects that live in the ear canals and feed by piercing the skin
12.05.2014 · From gsicard
Our dogs are faithful companions, and they depend on us for good care.
Dogs  Other
12.05.2014 · From gsicard
Sites — Aboriginal Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. аборигенная кавказская овчарка, питомник "Хранитель гор"
12.08.2015 2 comments From gsicard — Tangaloa Fila Brasileiro and Patterdale Terriers. I chose the name Tangaloa for my kennel name many years ago.I purchased a small carved pendant of a " Tangaloa Tiki" , and while speaking to the south pacific islands art sellers, they explained that the particular tiki I was holding symbolized "loy…
19.06.2015 2 comments From gsicard — The Dog Food Advisor is published as a public service to help you make a more informed decision when shopping for dog food.
03.02.2015 2 comments From gsicard
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gsicard wrote
The group system is updated and is pretty cool. Check it out and create your own group.
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12 days ago
gsicard wrote
The time line feature is either empty or not really working. This post will let us know.
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12 days ago
gsicard commented on a photo

nice looking egghead.

12 days ago 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
27 days ago
gsicard commented on a video

Who was doing the agitation - Does Bosco know him?

Bosco doing some vehicle work
Scenario is I picked up a hitchhiker and he attacked me
01.02.2017 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
30 days ago
gsicard added 2 new photos to album gsicard's photos
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gsicard commented on a photo

Congratulations. Great showing.

29.01.2017 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments
gsicard commented on a photo

Looks to be in great physical shape also.

27.01.2017 2 likes 1 comments 1 comments
gsicard commented on a photo

looking good

25.01.2017 2 likes 1 comments 1 comments
gsicard commented on a photo

What a cute puppy

12.01.2017 0 likes 1 comments 1 comments