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Rest om Peace Julius - 19 Dec 2011Molosser Dogs is your best source for unbiased information and discussion.

The Molosser category covers a wide spectrum of breeds, regardless of their type and use. Whether the breed is a mountain shepherd dog, a sled-pulling spitz, a hunting dog, a fighting and baiting dog, or even a toy companion breed, if it is descended from the ancient Moloss stock of dogs, you will find it here. They are divided into three groups.
Group 1 - The first group of molosser which are bred true to type.
Group 2 - Molossers that are not bred true to mountain type.
Group 3 - These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type.

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Lets see those photos of your dogs in the snow! We live in South Texas where snow is just a dream.  Those of you who live in areas where you are blessed (or cursed :)) with snow please get those photos ready and enter this contest. Winner get 1,000 points Second place 500 points
Ends in 9 hours
Gwenn Griffiths from Birds n Animals working my female Selby at the Harry Potter exhibition.Great work Gwenn
10 hours ago
Pippi is a dobermann/rottweiler mix and is 10 years old.  She loves agility training and is very eager to please.
Rissa, Norway
11 hours ago
Baby is a beautiful Cane Corso, she is 5 years old. She is the sweetest dog in the world. 
Rissa, Norway
11 hours ago
Karma is a Dogo canario and is almost 2 years old. She is a very special dog and has lots of character. She has tons of drive, and can work all day long.. 
Rissa, Norway
12 hours ago
The Dogue de Bordeaux was known in France as early as the fourteenth century, particularly in southern France in the region around Bordeaux. Hence, the city lent its name to this large dog. A uniform …
2 fans
Osijek, Croatia
3 days ago
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The Sierra Nevada red fox of California is one of the rarest mammals in North America
26 days ago · From admin
Photo of a dog left on a rainy tarmac exploded onto Twitter.
49 days ago · From gsicard
Recently Added Sites — We are a small kennel located on 2 acres of land in northeast Ohio where we are fortunate enough to have lots of room for our dogs to run, jump and play. At Crooked River, we strive to produce German Shepherds that are family companion's first and foremost.   Our dogs are not high drive dog, working…
17 days ago · 2 comments · From Kelly_Nash — Goran Bojičić ,Goran Miljković and myself are united in one kennel, with one goal – to produce 100% pure Mr. Nenad Gavrilović’s blood lines. We are the only kennel in the World that own the best lines of SDD and do planned mating with best lines of SDD according to mr.Nenad’s advices . We are the te…
17 days ago · 1 comments · From stanko — The Dog Food Advisor is published as a public service to help you make a more informed decision when shopping for dog food.
24 days ago · 2 comments · From gsicard
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I'm an italian man living with same tibetan mastiffs
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Chat Summary
23.02.2015 19:13
Posted by gsicard
Well - a couple of holidays have come and gone and it is time to get back to focusing on our dogs. Weather will be changing in Texas very soon - and the hot season - called summer - will be here.
24.02.2015 21:28
Posted by gsicard
Interesting link to a central asian breeder in Ukraine. Very nice looking dogs.
26.02.2015 02:40
Posted by alashir
gsicard, if it is on my website, thanks for the tip - I am very pleased, so we do not work for nothing.
26.02.2015 02:53
Posted by alashir
I apologize for my English ... so probably will be more correct : gsicard, if you are about my site - thanks for the assessment, then we do not work in vain.
26.02.2015 05:47
Posted by admin
Alashir - please do not post the fighting videos. If you desire to show how your dogs are tested please let me know.
26.02.2015 08:13
Posted by Polishtatra
Haha everybody got 6 votes in the photo contest :p
27.02.2015 05:03
Posted by alashir
Classy portal you have of course. Video of tests of working dogs can not be placed - ay-ay-ay how bad it is. And announcements of whores with a price tag on the dog portal - this is normal
27.02.2015 13:41
Posted by Bacci
That is a spammer and will be removed as soon as admin is online and sees it.
27.02.2015 13:42
Posted by Bacci
If you want to post your video of tests you can but I believe Admin can tell you were to do that so it will not offend some members.
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The server where Molosserdogs reside will undergo 1 hour of maintenance on February 24th from 1 AM t
gsicard · 8 days ago
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