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Rest om Peace Julius - 19 Dec 2011Molosser Dogs is your best source for unbiased information and discussion.

The Molosser category covers a wide spectrum of breeds, regardless of their type and use. Whether the breed is a mountain shepherd dog, a sled-pulling spitz, a hunting dog, a fighting and baiting dog, or even a toy companion breed, if it is descended from the ancient Moloss stock of dogs, you will find it here. They are divided into three groups.
Group 1 - The first group of molosser which are bred true to type.
Group 2 - Molossers that are not bred true to mountain type.
Group 3 - These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type.

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America's 7th largest city has many stray dogs
18.08.2015 · From admin
A couple asks their locality to exempt their blind Staffy Bull from BSL
12.08.2015 · From gsicard
Polishtatra commented on a photo

Very nice ! How tall and how heavy ? 

5 hours ago
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21 hours ago 1 comments1 comments
Duty1st commented on a photo

He is a mess.... and thank you. That little blaze is all you can see of his face in the dark!

21 hours ago
Duty1st changed her profile status message 
Bear with me, Im trying to get the hang of this...
21 hours ago
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21 hours ago
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23 hours ago
Akebono commented on a news

It seem that those who want to make it about counting "bites" apparently don't see the difference between a warning nip, and losing your arms in a 45 minute mauling. These folks count both of these things as a "bite".

 The vast majority of dog bites don't break the skin and require no treatment, so the goal has never been to eliminate "dog bites". The goal is to reduce disfiguring or fatal dog attacks.

Every locale where pit bulls are properly regulated has had virtually no fatalities from dog attack. In other places, like North Carolina, where pit bulls are unregulated, not so much

Restricting dogs by breed do not prevent bites.
29.05.2015 · From admin
2 days ago
3 days ago
Polishtatra added new photo
3 days ago
4 days ago
Polishtatra commented on a blog post

Gary, can you explaine in what way the kangal changed ? 

I didn't know this ...

In this article Caen Elegans graphically depicts the differences in several breeds. The changes cove
eliteguardianpresa commented on a blog post

While this is true you should place all of the blame on the show breeder. The show breeders do not make or change the breed standards. The parent breed clubs do. Breeders in general try to create their image of the dog. The original purpose of the show was to evaluate the breeding stack. But over time it has become political and a sport. The majority of people breeding with no concern for health have never shown a dog and do not know what the standards are for the breeds. Breeds have changed over the years. Some will argue it is evolution. I do not agree with them. But I would say it is due to too much inbreeding and also adding different breeds into a breed and falsifying the papers to create a different look.


I'll use the presa for an example. It doesn't look like the original breed. It had to be recreated. The standards have changed for them and I hear more changes are coming. You used to find more white markings in the breed. Now you are only allowed to have so much white and none one the muzzle or face. I hear that the percentage of white allowed in the breed is being reduced again. Some registries allow black and other don't. Some registries allow an overbite and other do not. I could go on but I need to leave. Everything goes back to the breeder. Inbreeding is not a good practice of selective breeding. Selective would be to consider the standards in place and only breed suitable dogs to reproduce dogs that are of standard. It is not to change the standard to make a dog bigger, more or less wrinkles.

In this article Caen Elegans graphically depicts the differences in several breeds. The changes cove
4 days ago
Edward Mayhew On Dogs

Dogs are intelligent and honorable creatures, and no man will have reason to regret who teaches himself to trust in their better qualities. Mayhew 1854

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In this article Caen Elegans graphically depicts the differences in several breeds. The changes cove
gsicard 4 days ago 4

I looked around for a good article from the creative commons that I could post here to assist our me
gsicard 27.07.2015 10