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In many respects, dogs have a unique relationship to humans. They were the first domesticated species, serve as valuable companions and service animals, and have been bred to exhibit more phenotypic diversity than any other mammal.
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The Cirneco dell'Etna is a small breed of dog originally from Sicily.
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This article is taken from a forum post made in the Caucasian Ovcharka thread. It is worthy of being made permanent into an article. So here it is.
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Corso Puglia-Corso Pugliese (The Once Purebred Cane Corso Ortognato by Paolo Breber)
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Canine parvovirus is an acute, highly contagious disease of dogs that was first described in the early 1970s
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Operations: Two Viable Options-Modern technology and an old standby method are analyzed as CHD treatments
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Surgery may be recommended for suitable candidates, taking into account expected activity level, longevity and use and value of the dog.
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Treatment of this disease must be tailored specifically to the needs of your pet, whether using conventional or alternative medicine
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An evaluation method is needed that is not only diagnostic but which can predict the probability of canine hip dysplasia.
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The Role of Orthopedic Registries in Fighting Canine Hip Dysplasia; Registries, although essential in documenting CHD, have not been used to their full potential
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The authors assess the pros and cons of standard diagnostic methods for hip dysplasia By John C. Cargill, MA MBA, MS and Susan Thorpe-Vargas, MS
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Canine Hip Dysplasia Part II - Causative Factors of Canine Hip Dysplasia by Author: John C. Cargill MA MBA MS & Dr. Susan Thorpe-Vargas
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To understand this genetically transmitted disease, we must first understand the workings of the normal canine hip. By John C. Cargill, MA MBA, MS and Susan Thorpe-Vargas, MS
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What to know before buying or adopting a Central Asian Shepherd Dog
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Carpathian Shepherd Dog Standard | Carpathian Shepherd Dog Standard
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Cane Corso Italiano Standard | Cane Corso Italiano Standard
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Chow Chow Standard | Chow Chow Standard
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Catalonian Sheepdog | Catalonian Sheepdog
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Cane Corso - ENCI | Cane Corso - ENCI
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