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Differences Between Kurdish Dogs And Spanish Mastiffs
Dogs  Breeding
20.09.2018 · From kurdmastiff
Assyrian Shepherd Dog-Assyrian Dogs Mesopotamia (ancient Assyrians & Babylon Dogs)
Dogs  History
25.08.2018 · From kurdmastiff
An article from esplaind the breading, feeding and caring for dogs in Kazakhstan. The dogs that many of MD readers will be interested in is called the Tobet (aka Central Asian Ovchaka).
Dogs  History
06.05.2018 · From gsicard
The Persian Sarabi dog also known as Persian Mastiff, Persian Shepherd and Iranian Mastiff is a breed of livestock guardian dog indigenous to north of Iran
30.08.2015 · From admin
Breed profile on the Boz Shepherd.
Dogs  Breeds
30.05.2014 · From 1234
The breed standard forthe Boz Shepherd
14.03.2014 · From gsicard
A dossier of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog written in an Italian dog magazine.
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01.01.2014 · From gsicard
Bulgarian Shepherd Dog Standard
26.03.2009 · From admin
Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog | Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog
25.03.2009 · From admin
Caucasian Shepherd FCI Standard (Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka)
25.03.2009 · From admin
Descended from the ancient Sage Kooche and working dogs of Central Asia and Persia, the Yoruk Kopegi is believed to be the oldest Molosser in Turkey
24.02.2003 · From admin
Once a common herder in Yugoslavia, the Herzegovina Sheepdog is becoming very difficult to find in its original form
24.02.2003 · From admin
One of the oldest Molossers in the Adriatic region, this breed is closely related to the Sarplaninac, as well as other Balkan dogs
24.02.2003 · From admin
Developed from Molosser breeds of the region, like the Aromun Sheepdogs, Bukovinacs, Sylvans, Sarplaninacs, the Romanian Shepherd Dog is a good livestock herder and protector, as well as property guardian.
24.02.2003 · From admin
The legendary White Moloss of Greece is believed by many to be just a colour variant of the Hellenikos Poimenikos
23.02.2003 · From admin
The powerful Durmitor Shepherd Dog is a very old Balkan breed named after the Durmitor mountains of Montenegro
23.02.2003 · From admin
The mighty Sarkangik is seen as a sub-type of the Central Asian Ovcharka in the West, although this powerful working dog from Uzbekistan is much older than the modern Russian breed
23.02.2003 · From admin
Turkish canine authorities see the Anatolian Shepherd Dog as an unpure breed
23.02.2003 · From admin
This old herding breed is believed by some to be a cross between the Romanian and Bulgarian shepherds, while others claim it is the same thing as the Tornjak of Bosnia or the Homolian Sheepdog from Serbia, only bred in Romania
23.02.2003 · From admin
The King Shepherd was developed in the 1990's by crossing Shiloh Shepherds with the American and European bloodlines of German Shepherd Dogs and other breeds
23.02.2003 · From admin
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