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This article is taken from a forum post made in the Caucasian Ovcharka thread. It is worthy of being made permanent into an article. So here it is.
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19.12.2014 · From dkoriss
A dossier of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog written in an Italian dog magazine.
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01.01.2014 · From gsicard
Caucasian Shepherd FCI Standard (Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka)
25.03.2009 · From admin
One of the Troika of "Russian" guarding breeds, the Caucasian rains as top dog
23.02.2003 · From admin
When the legendary Caucasian Ovcharka started getting popular in Russia and Europe in the mid-20th century, it's northern cousin, the Severno-Kavkaski Volkodav remained a closely guarded secret
23.02.2003 · From admin
Considered to be the real Caucasian Ovcharka or at least its key progenitor by its fanciers, the Tushetian Nagazi is an ancient working breed from Georgia. Although the best representatives of the Caucasian Shepherd are said to come from Georgia, the…
23.02.2003 · From admin