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  •  kurdmastiff: 
    Hi.thanks for editing name.
    excuse me , do you received my email ? for the images kurdish dogs photos
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  •  kurdmastiff: 
    Hello. true name of this breed is (Pshdar Dog) Not Pashdar Dog.
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  •  admin: 
    I have sent you a private message.
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  •  kurdmastiff: 
    Thanks for You
    I Uploaded Article About Original Kurdish Dog Related.
    Please Delete this old article about kurdish dog,because is not true.
    (never and never kurdish dogs not similar to kangals.
    never and never kurdish dog is not crossed breed from kangal and other breeds.
    Whereas They Have 5000 years History in asia region.
    But Kangals have 200 year history.
    This article images are not about kurdish dog)
    Excuse me admin, because you are proffesional.
    Thank you so much
     01.08.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  bushlover: 

    I read the poster's article about the Kurdish Dog Pshdar that claims that the profile on here is no good and that he/she has the best information about these dogs. It seems the MD profile was written in 2003 based on information known 15 years ago by the author. I have looked around the internet and in several dog books and so far this is the most complete information available.

    What I know is that the site owner and admins don't just make changes to the articles without proper research and validation so when and if the time comes they may change their info. I think if you have some good literature to support your claims about the breed you should send it to them. 

     25.06.20181 replies1 replies 
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