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These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type
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04.02.2004 · From gsicard
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Displasia de cadera en el perro, estado actual. by j. de la Fuente , F. Farcia, D. Prandi, J. Franch, T. Peña U.M.C.V. (Unidad Móvil de Cirijía Veterinaria) C/ Barcelona, 25
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03.08.2017 · From Vega
uygun kangal: Kangalların fiуatları yaşlarına bakılırsa okunuşu ırkınа sаfdil kаnlıgınа göre değişmektedir. yaklaşık benzer tane kоca 600 tl den başlaуıp 1000 tl okunuşu büуüklüğündе satılmakta bozuk gerçeklіk bіrleşіk
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03.05.2017 · From yavrukangal
Kangal köpek fiyatları sаtışlаrımız genelde henüz dоğmadan çiftleşme dönemlerinde rezerve edilebilmektedir. Onun аmаcıylа bеğеndіnіz dаmızlıklаrımızdаn еvlat sоldurmak iѕterѕeniz muhabere hattında bize ulaşarak bili alabilirsiniz.
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17.03.2017 · From someone
Satılık Kangallar buradan alınır? Satılık kangal yavrusu fiyatları burada. Hayatımız yoğun bir tempoda geçiyor. Bu tempo da bazen hayatımıza ilham olabilecek havyan sevgisi arıyoruz satılık kangal köpekleri sizlere ilham verecektir.
17.03.2017 · From someone
Satılık Kangallar buradan alınır? Satılık kangal yavrusu fiyatları burada. Hayatımız yoğun bir tempoda geçiyor. Bu tempo da bazen hayatımıza ilham olabilecek havyan sevgisi arıyoruz satılık kangal köpekleri sizlere ilham verecektir.
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17.03.2017 · From someone Web sitemiz üzerinden kangal satış bilgileri mevcuttur. Yetişkin kangal satışları, Yavru kangal satışları hakkında bir çok bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz.
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17.03.2017 · From ismail
Sivas yavru kangal üretim çiftliği yavru satışları devam etmektedir.Yavru kangal almak için bizimle iletişime geçmelisiniz.
11.03.2016 · From yavrukangal
The Persian Sarabi dog also known as Persian Mastiff, Persian Shepherd and Iranian Mastiff is a breed of livestock guardian dog indigenous to north of Iran
30.08.2015 · From admin
The Price Boar Beisser is the Working Dog of the Outdoors Man, a rugged dog who will be right at home guarding your farm or camp
24.08.2015 · From admin
Today the problem of Aboriginal and local breeds of domestic animals saving, including dogs, is recognized by the world community as an important part in the saving of cultural and natural heritage of the planet
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12.08.2015 · From gsicard
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One of the great Greek Molossers, the Hellenikos Poimenikos is an ancient working dog, valued for its intelligence and trainability
23.02.2003 · From admin
Originally developed in Detroit's Metro area, the early Panja Mastiff was a result of crossing Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers and Bandogs
23.02.2003 · From admin
This legendary American breed was developed from various lines of old fighting bulldogs and bullterriers, such as the Irish Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dudley Terrier, Irish Staffordshire Bullterrier, English Bullterrier
23.02.2003 · From admin
Polish Tatra Sheepdog - Owczarek Podhalanski
25.03.2009 · From admin
The Alpha-Rollover is sometimes used incorrectly to establish order. In this article the PuppyWizard Mr. Jerry Howe, author of the Wits End Dog Training Manual explains...
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16.01.2011 · From admin
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This magnificient protection breed was developed by Dominick Donovan of the New Jersey based Donovan K-9 Training And Breeding Facilities, reportedly from established working dogs such as the Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, American Pit Bull Terrie…
23.02.2003 · From admin
Another breed bearing a rather misleading name, the Bandog is becoming increasingly popular worldwide
23.02.2003 · From admin
Not to be confused with the Catahoula Bullterrier, the Catahoula Pit Bull Dog was originally developed in the late 1800's from Irish, English and American fighting and hunting dogs, but it became virtually extinct until it was revived in the 198…
23.02.2003 · From admin
The Serbian Defense Dog is a re-creation of the old Serbian Mastiff of the Middle Ages, which became extinct during the early 20th century
23.02.2003 · From admin
One of the Troika of "Russian" guarding breeds, the Caucasian rains as top dog
23.02.2003 · From admin
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Edward Mayhew On Dogs
Dogs are intelligent and honorable creatures, and no man will have reason to regret who teaches himself to trust in their better qualities!
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English and Spanish versions of the files are attached to this article.
03.08.2017 · From admin
It would make anyone with a good conscience sick.  History is sometimes very brutal and bloody - probably not what is taught in schools today.  I am g…
Posted for Article Bulgarian Shepherd Dog
26.07.2017 · From admin
Yes - this a very hardy breed and is used in the southern part of the USA as a hunting dog.
Posted for Article Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
23.07.2017 · From admin
Great breed!
Posted for Article Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
23.07.2017 · From HarakhanKennel
Glad you like it.  
Posted for Article Central Asian Shepherd Dog
22.07.2017 · From gsicard
Did you get your CAO?
16.07.2017 · From gsicard
Ahh - the web is such a wonderful thing.  So you basically said the breed profile may or may not be true and that the author did not quote sources or …
Posted for Article Cane Corso Italiano
06.07.2017 · From gsicard
This is such good advice from the good old days of dog breeding, feeding, training and caring.  Awesome read.
Posted for Article Breeding Dogs In General
26.04.2017 · From admin
I think they're beautiful, muscular dogs who should not have their ears mutilated. I wish people would leave their ears alone!
Posted for Article Presa Canario
25.03.2017 · From Suzannah
This article seems like a more heavily slanted version of a few people's opinions, but with no basis in fact. Just a bunch of info thrown out there, t…
Posted for Article Cane Corso Italiano
21.02.2017 · From Molossers_R_Us
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