Tall and massive, the Afghan Mountain Dog might seem lethargic, but this is not the case. Like other Sage Koochee dogs, the Djence Sheri moves slowly to conserve energy, but is very agile and quick when needed. This uncomplicated and resilient Molosser is an excellent climber and large game hunter. Very territorial and aggressive, it doesn't make a good companion pet. Not as common today, due to many wars throughout Afghanistan's history, the Sage Koochee Djence Sheri is found in the remote mountain regions, where it's still used as working dog, protecting property and its owners, as well as a competitor in fighting tournaments. The fighting strains within this breed tend to be leaner and with shorter coats than normally associated with the Djence Sheri, thought to be due to some Palangi> type influence, as well as the Bully Kutta outcrosses in recent years. The Sage Sheri is a strong and rugged working breed, with a fairly large and broad head, a wide chest and a straight back.

The coat is full and rich, medium-length in the summertime and longer during winter. It is densely undercoated and comes in any colour. The average height is around 35 inches, although some fighting lines can be a bit smaller.

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