The legendary Cossack Mastiff is believed by many to be much older than the 17th century, when it received its name. Some authorities trace its roots to 5000 B.C. when it was the dog of the Dnieper Trypilians, others link it to Kazakhstan, while a number of fanciers are convinced this is just an Ukrainian variant of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

This breed should not be confused with the more famous Podolian Hound. Quite rare today, the Podolian Mastiff is more common throughout the Crimean Chain of South-Eastern Ukraine, where the dogs are heavier and have longer coats than the lean white Hutsul Shepherds found in the Carpathian region in the South-West.

The Cossack horsemen were often accompanied by their fierce dogs during their missions, making the Podolian Mastiff a very athletic and resilient breed. Very aggressive and independent, this Ukrainian Molosser is best suited for rural environments.

The rough coat is thick and weatherproof, coming in solid shades of wolf grey and brown, although many modern dogs are multicoloured.

Average height is around 32 inches.

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