Developed in the 1930's by Hector Montenegro from Boxers, Dalmatians and Bullterriers, the rare Dogo Guatemalteco is an excellent watchdog and a devoted family pet, as well as a celebrated fighting dog in its homeland. The breed was renamed from Guatemalan Bullterrier to Dogo Guatemalteco by Dr.Arturo R.Chavez, who also wrote the breed standard. The Guatemalan Bullterrier comes in two types, the smaller Standard and the much larger Giant variant, but the latter is considered unpure by the breed\'s enthusiasts who claim it is a cross between the original Dogo Guatemalteco and the Dogo Argentino and American Bulldog. The Gallusser, Ramirez, Urquizu and Romero bloodlines are the most respected ones, but there are very little pure dogs to be found today, with most of present-day examples thought to be heavily influenced by the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Suspicious of strangers and confrontational with other dogs, the Dogo Guatemalteco needs careful handling and socialization. In appearance similar to the APBT and American Bulldogs, this is a large-headed, broad-chested and muscular dog. The ears and tail are accepted both cropped or in their natural state.

The short soft coat is pure white in colour with small black markings allowed, preferably on the head. Average height for the traditional Dogo Guatemalteco is around 23 inches, but the larger variant can reach up to 27 inches at the withers.

Breed Standard

Breed Standard

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