When Steve Barnett started the breeding programme in the 1980's, his intention wasn't to re-create the old baiting and fighting dogs, but rather to improve the modern Bulldog in terms of health and temperament. The increasingly popular Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge retains the overall appearance of the modern English Bulldog, but differs greatly in personality, health and agility.

Not a man-stopping guardian by any means, the Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldogge can still make a capable and alert watchdog. Quite territorial and protective, this is a dedicated and serious breed. Proper socialization will help control the somewhat unfriendly attitude towards other dogs. This lovely bully makes an excellent family pet and children's playmate. Large-headed, wide-chested and agile, the Dorset Bulldogge is a handsome and devoted companion.

The short coat is flat and smooth, coming in any colour.

Average height is around 22 inches.

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25.08.2018 · From kurdmastiff
Created by crossing the American Bulldog with the Rafeiro de Alentejo, and then introducing carefuly selected AmStaff blood.
06.01.2014 · From admin
Not to be confused with Ken Mollett's Victorian Bulldog, the Olde Victorian Bulldogge was developed in the United States by Carlos Woods, whose intention was to re-create the legendary working bulldogge of the Victorian-era Britain
23.02.2003 · From admin
Another re-creation of the Olde English Bulldogge
23.02.2003 · From admin
By crossing his American Bulldogs with Bullmastiffs, English Bulldogs, Bandogges and Hermes Bulldogges in the last decade of the 20th century, Chadde JoliCoeur attempted to re-create the legendary working British Bulldogge breed of the 1800's
23.02.2003 · From admin
The Banter Bulldogge is a re-creation of the 1700's Brabantse Bullenbijter, developed by Todd Tripp of Ohio, U.S.A. in the latter part of the 1990's
23.02.2003 · From admin
The largest of the original English Bulldogge re-creations, the Hermes Bulldogge has been bred by the American Hermes family for three generations
23.02.2003 · From admin
Originating in the 1800's as a result of crossing the baiting and fighting bulldogs and bullterriers, the Old Boston Bull is the ancestor of the modern Boston Terrier
23.02.2003 · From admin
This re-incarnation of the Olde English Bulldogge was developed by Kevin Larson of Larson Lakeview Kennels in Minnesota, U.S.A.
23.02.2003 · From admin
Although a number of bandogge-type creations worldwide sometimes carry this name, the Italian Bulldogge breed was developed by Ray Giacobbe, a breeder of Olde English Bulldogges in Florida
23.02.2003 · From admin
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