Extremely rare even in India, the ancient Sindh Mastiff is more commonly found in Pakistan, where it is used as a fighting dog. The Sindh Mastiff was originally a large game hunting dog kept by Indian Royalty, but was eventually abandoned in favour of cheetahs, which proved to be superiour and far more entertaining hunters.

It should be noted that there is also a separate variety known as the Pakistani Sindh Mastiff, which was developed by crossing the Indian Sindh Dogge with the Bully Kutta. Another breed confused with the Sindh Mastiff is the hunting breed known as the South-Indian Mastiff, sometimes referred to as the Sindh Hound or the Alangu Mastiff, achieved by crossing the Sindh Mastiff with the Alangu Hound.

Reduced to guarding and fighting duties, the Indian Sindh Mastiff was reportedly crossed with other protection breeds, most notably the Bull Terr and Kumaon Mastiffs, resulting in the change of appearance and sharpening of the temperament. This fighting variant has reportedly also received some Pakistani Bully Kutta blood, creating a sub-type known as the Indian Bully or Indian Bully Kutta, which is still different than the taller Pakistani Sindh Mastiff.

In recent years, it has been estimated that there are more Indian Bully Kuttas than original Sindh Mastiffs in India. However, the pure Indian Sindh Mastiff is still a respected and valued breed by its fanciers. This powerful mastiff is intelligent and alert, but is also a very aggressive and stubborn Molosser, best suited for experienced owners. Muscular, strongly boned and agile, the Indian Bully is an impressive working dog.

The flat coat is very short and usually solid brown, red or brindle, but most of today's fighting specimens are bicoloured.

Average height is around 29 inches.

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