Like its larger cousin, the Maltese Mastiff, this fighting dog of Malta became extinct during the 20th century. Created by crossing Italian, specifically Sicilian farm dogs such as early types of the Cane Corso with imported English bulldogges, bull-n-terriers and mastiffs, the Maltese Bulldog was a celebrated pit fighter and occasional baiting dog, as well as a dedicated watchdog and farmer's companion. Some believe that the Kelb Tal-Gliet and the much larger Mastino Maltais are the same breed, but this is not the case, as they were developed at the same time, but for different purposes. The introduction of popular European breeds and the general lack of interest in Malta had resulted in the Kelb Tal-Gliet becoming extinct, although some enthusiasts claim that the breed is still very much alive and found in certain fighting arenas even today, but most authorities believe these modern fighting dogs to be simply a strain of Pit Bulls, with very little, if any Kelb Tal-Gliet blood in them.

There is very little information on this powerful Maltese breed, other than it being red or fawn in colour, usually with a black mask. The average height is around 20 inches.

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