A result of crossing the Dogue de Bordeaux with the English Bullmastiff, this large Molosser was developed on both sides of the Atlantic at different points over the past centuries, but was never recognized as a separate breed. In France, these dogs eventually became assimilated into the French Mastiff breed, whereas in America it remained a variety of its own.

Occasional crosses with other breeds were common, mostly with dogs of the working bulldogge type. In the 1900's some Pit Bull Terrier blood was used as well, improving agility and drive, but also resulting in a more energetic and confrontational dog. Primarily a protection breed, The French Bullmastiff is easy to train and makes a wonderful family pet. It is fairly dog-aggressive and needs firm and responsible handling.

The body is muscular and well-boned, with a broad head and a wide chest. The nose can be either black or red, with the red-nosed examples being more valued and preferred for breeding. The tail can be docked, but the majority of dogs are left unaltered.

The short coat is preferred in solid mahogany shades, but fawn and brindle examples are also common. Small white markings are allowed on the chest.

Average height is around 27 inches.

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