This rare Romanian mountain dog has roots in ancient times and is closely related to other Balkan Molossers, most notably the Sylvan and old Pannonian Herders, as well as the mastiffs of Central Asia. Some Serbs believe it is simply a variant of the Sylvan, most Romanians say it's just a type of the Carpatin, while others claim it to be a cross between multiple Serbian and Rumanian breeds.

The rare Negru Aghiuta variant of the Bucovina Shepherd is considered to be either the same thing or a direct descendant of the Romanian Sylvan, also known as Ciobanesc Corb. This fierce dog is sometimes mentioned as the favourite guardian and war dog of the Romanian tyrannical hero Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula in the West, but these stories have never been confirmed and are most likely just a myth for the tourists. The Transylvanian Alps Sheepdog has been used as an estate guardian and livestock herder and protector, as well as a capable wolf killer and common hunting dog.

These rugged, self-sufficient working Molossers of Transylvania are very territorial and aggressive, not suited for urban environments. However, it is said that there are no pure specimens left, with the majority of the dogs found today being very different than the Trans-Sylvans of the past, due to numerous crosses with other breeds. Although it is said that it should ideally be massive and colossal, the powerful Transylvanian Mountain Dog is a functional mastiff possessing great agility. The breed has a large head, broad shoulders and fairly long legs. The ears are sometimes cropped and the tail is usually docked.

This is a fully weather-proof Molosser, its thick double coat traditionally coming in either black or black-n-tan colourings, with or without white markings, although dogs of other shades are equally, if not more common today.

The average height is around 32 inches.

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