One of the varieties of the old American Bull Terrier population developed in the 17th century and the progenitor of many modern Pit Bull and Bulldogge types, the Yankee was bred by the immigrant population for both fighting and companion life, but by the 1920's, the breed became extinct, due to the assimilation into the APBT bloodlines.

The original Yankee Bullterrier was believed to be a result of crossing the old American bulldogges with the English White Terrier and the Cordoba Dog from Argentina, as well as a number of Irish fighting dogs, with the blood of early English Bullterriers and American Pit Bulls being introduced in the late 1800's. There are still quite a few lines of the modern APBT which are traced back to the Yankee variety, but there is also a fairly recent creation under the Great White Yankee name which was established by using purebred bloodlines of game Pit Bull Terriers, Bullterriers and Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Very rare and bearing a name disregarded by many as just another misnomer for an American Pit Bull Terrier, the modern Yankee Bullterrier has yet to gain acceptance and popularity.


A breed of immense physical strength and tenacity, this mighty bulldog makes a capable "sport" dog, but also a wonderful companion pet, due to its love of humans and playful character. The Yankee Bullterrier is very intelligent and easy to train, but it needs careful and responsible handling around other dogs. It also makes a good watchdog and is supposedly an excellent hunting dog. Energetic and agile, this is a good working dog, although deafness and skin allergies are said to be fairly common in the breed.


The short, glossy coat is pure white in colour, with small dark markings acceptable on the head. The nose should be black, but poorly pigmented examples exist. The ears can be cropped or left natural, but the tail is usually docked.

Average height is around 18 inches.

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