Believed by many to be just a Nepalese variant of the Tibetan Mastiff, this old Moloss is most likely a cross between the Himalayan sheepdogs and mastiffs of India. The Nepal Herder comes in two main types and is, like many other working breeds, divided into the mountain and valley variants. The long-coated mountain type is sometimes called a Himalayan Nepalese Dog or the Mt.Everest Herder, while the shorter-coated variant is referred to as Ganges Plain Cattledog. Some fanciers even believe that these two types should be classified as separate breeds.

An excellent livestock herding dog, the Nepalese is also a capable guardian and hunter. Due to its protective instincts and distrust of strangers, this impressive Molosser is better suited for rural environments than city life. Apart from the difference in coat type, both the Himalayan and the Ganges Plain variant are identical in terms of colours, size and temperament.

Most dogs are black, grey, brown or black-n-tan, usually with white markings on the chest, feet and tail. The average height is around 28 inches.

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