Not to be confused with the Bhotia breed, the mighty Bjop Chi is related to various Indian, Nepalese and Himalayan sheepdogs. There is also a smaller retriever-like dog named Bhutia Bully from Ladakh, which is e very different breed, although it is remotely related to the Bhutia Herder. Usually kept in groups of up to 4 dogs, these powerful workers are always ready to attack anyone and anything they might perceive as a threat to their flock. The Bhutia is an aggressive and territorial Moloss, well suited for a property guardian, due to its natural distrust of people. While friendly and playful with its human and canine family members, the Bhutan Shepherd can be extremely vicious towards strange dogs.

This is a squarely built breed, broad-shouldered and muscular, having a wide and slightly domed head, with a short powerful muzzle and hanging ears. The tail is carried like a sabre when the dog is relaxed, but curles over the back anytime there's excitement. The thick, harsh coat is usually black-n-tan, fawn, brown or red. Average height is around 27 inches.

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