Created in the 1980's by Dr. D.Brian Plummer as a cross between Jack Russell Terriers, Fell Terriers, Bullterriers, Pit Bulls and Beagles, the feisty Plummer Terrier is an energetic and versatile hunting dog. Aggressive, tenacious and tireless, this breed is an adaptable worker, capable of handling a variety of hunting duties, excelling at anything from tracking to retrieving. It has a strong tendency to chase and needs proper socialization to be a well-behaved pet.

The Plummer Terrier is a phenomenal ratter, claimed by the breed enthusiasts to be the ultimate vermin killer. Intelligent, full of heart, well-muscled and strongly boned, this resilient little dog seems like an ideal working terrier. It can sometimes be confrontational around other dogs, requiring responsible ownership. Their loving and devoted personality makes them amenable companions, but the Plummer Terriers are better suited for working homes.

The short thick coat is favoured in white with reddish brown and fawn patches, but tricolour and brindled specimens are becoming more common. Average height is around 13 inches.

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  •  Ricky: 

    plummer terrier isn't a molosser but oits a nice working dog ;)

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