The present-day German Beardog is a re-creation of the legendary Teutonic Urhunde breed, a colossal hunting mastiff that became extinct in its original form with the arrival of Roman legions to the area some 2000 years ago. It is believed by some that these ancient Beardogs played an important role in the creation of many early mastiff breeds. There were a few revival efforts throughout history, but the German Beardog of today is a result of a breeding programme started in the 1980's by dedicated German fanciers.

Reportedly developed from Leonbergers, Saint Bernards, Sarplaninacs, Caucasian Ovcharkas and Newfoundlands, the Germanische Baerenhunde is a very large and massive Molosser, slowly gaining popularity in Germany as a capable watchdog and family companion. Said to be healthier and more trainable than its parent breeds, the German Beardog is likely to become considerably more common outside its native country in the years to come. This is a playful and devoted Moloss who enjoys swimming and an active outdoor lifestyle, but makes an agreable urban pet, too.

The long rich coat is weatherproof and comes in solid shades of yellow, fawn and brown, although some specimens have white markings on their heads, chest and feet. Average height is around 32 inches, but much larger dogs are prefered.

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