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Although it is descended from ancient Bohemian Mastiffs, the modern Chodsky Pes is quite different in terms of appearance and temperament. Unlike the large fierce mastiffs of the past, these new Bohemian Sheepdogs were bred for smaller size and a more agreable personality. The Chodsky Pes was one of the breeds used in the creation of the German Shepherd Dog, a popular breed that was later bred back into the modern Bohemian Sheepdog, reinforcing the similarity in appearance.

The popularity of the Chodsky Pes was fairly stable in Czech Republic before the 2nd World War, but in the second part of the 20th century its numbers were declining. A dedicated fancier named Jan Findejs started a revival programme in the 1984 and successfuly re-popularized the Bohemian Shepherd Dog in its homeland, as well as outside the Czech Republic. A capable herder and guardian, the Chodsky Pes makes a good watchdog, service dog and Agility contender. Trainable, people-friendly and even-tempered, it is well-suited for the life of a companion pet.

The coat is rich and soft, always black-n-tan in colour. Average height is around 20 inches.

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  •  Toulavej: 
    It should be noted,the Chodsky pes{Bohemian shepard] was known in Bohemia since the 14th. century, and profesionaly bred and trianed for border patrol by the Chods (south west Bohemia) since the early 16th (1500..)century. hundreds of ears before the Germans decided to create their own similar breed.
     36 days ago 
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