One of the ancient Balkan Molossers, the Shipka Shepherd Dog is believed be extinct, although some authorities think it probably survived under a different name or was simply assimilated into other breeds of the area. Related to old Greek sheepdogs and the Sarplaninac, the Shipka Shepherd Dog is thought by some to still be around as a possible strain of the modern Bulgarian Sheepdog breed.

The Sipka dogs were tall, longhaired and common in a variety of colours. Some specimens were reportedly bearded, leading certain researchers to link this breed to the Romanian Mioritic Sheepdog. Named after the town of Sipka in the Stara Planina region of Bulgaria, the Shipka Sheepdog is a typical mountain dog which was used to protect the flocks and drive cattle in the past. Unfortunately, there is no mention of this working breed in Bulgaria anymore.

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