The ancient Hellenikos Ichnilatis is probably a descendant of Cretan and Egyptian hunting dogs and is one of the original Molossian hounds, believed to be the progenitor of many European breeds, such as the Yugoslavian Mountain Hound, Transylvanian Hound, Black Forest Hound and a great number of others. Bred throughout the ages primarily for superiour working ability, it wasn't standardized until the 1950's. Rugged, athletic and powerful, the Hellenic Hound is well-suited for work in the rocky mountains of northern Greece, where it can still be found hunting small and large game, usually employed in packs of two to six dogs. As a single hunter, this squarely built, well-boned and muscular hound is said to be able to catch rabbits "just like picking berries" without ever tiring.

This is a healthy, friendly and intelligent breed, but it doesn't make an ideal urban pet, due to its independent spirit, need for plentiful exercise and affinity for howling.

The short coat is dense and moderately coarse, accepted only in black-n-tan colourings, but some working specimens might have small white markings on their chest and feet. Average height is around 20 inches.

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    the Laconian Hound (a mainland variety of the Cretan Hound) was also instrumental in the formation of the landrace that preceded the Hellenicos Ichnilatis proper. It is argued with persuasive evidence that the progenitors of the Greek Hound were mixtures of the heavier, drop-eared, often black or black and tan big-game hunter Molossian Hound (somewhat like the Suliot Dog) and the lighter, faster, more sighthoundy Cretan & Laconian Hounds (which were essentially primitive hounds).
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