The Alubull was developed by Vito Alu, a breeder of American Bulldogs with the Brave Heart Kennels. By reportedly crossing his smaller and more athletic American Bulldog specimens with Staffordshire Bull Terriers and English Bulldogs, Alu created a working dog similar to the old-type Southern Bulldogges of the original British Bulldogge ancestry. Athletic and muscular, the Alubull is a healthy and agile Molosser, enjoying plenty of activities and excercise. This powerful bully makes a good watchdog, thanks to its territorial and protective nature. On top of being a really handsome dog, it is also very intelligent and alert, said to be reasonably easy to train.

The Alubull is even-tempered, loyal and playful with children, making a loving family companion. Early socialization is needed to control its unfriendly attitude towards strange dogs, but this breed isn't as aggressive as some of its cousins. The head is large and broad, with a powerful short muzzle and strong jaws. The body is well-boned and wide-chested.

The coat is thick, short and flat, common in a variety of colours. Average height is around 21 inches.

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    I purchased an Alubull pup from Vito Alu in 2006. I know he breeds a lot so I hope that he has gotten his standard stabilized since then as this male turned out to be a 110 lb staffy/olde type who we could never break him of Coprophagia. Great colours; shitty dog.
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