The mighty Bracco Italiano is descended from common working crosses between imported mastiffs, such as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog and local gundogs, most notably the popular Segugio Italiano. Some Talbot Hound and St.Hubert Hound blood was introduced in the 1700's and the breed became a valued all-around hunting dog in Lombardy, Piedmont and surrounding areas.

Its calm and friendly nature made it a popular companion during the Renaissance, but the Bracco remained a prized retriever, pointer and tracker until the 20th century, when it became very rare. In the 1990's, renewed interest in this old breed fueled its revival and today the Bracco Italiano can be seen outside Italy, especially in Great Britain, where it's gaining fame for its intelligence, stamina and trainability. Well-muscled and strongly boned, this is a healthy and agile gundog. Some specimens can be a bit stubborn and shy, but in general the Bracco Italiano responds well to obedience training.

The short coat is fine and glossy, usually white in color, with patches of tan, orange and chestnut shades. Average height is around 25 inches.

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