Created in the late 1980's by crossing Boxers with Rottweilers, the Boxweiler is a fairly rare and unknown protection breed. Also, some Pit Bull influence has been suggested in certain American bloodlines, although this hasn't been confirmed. More agile and taller than the Rottweiler, but also much more aggressive and territorial than the Boxer, this is a very athletic and powerful working dog. The Boxweiler is easy to train and makes a good family companion, but some specimens can be overly protective and unfriendly towards strange people and dogs, needing early and broad socialization.

Generally relaxed and mild-mannered, but also trainable and playful, most Boxweilers are a good choice for an urban pet when kept by experienced owners. Muscular and strong, this is a very impressive Molosser, capable of great speeds and valued for its stamina. The ears are left natural and the tail is usually docked, although most Boxweilers in Europe are unaltered.

The coat is short, thick and hard, preferred in solid fawn, red and brindled shades, but common in a variety of colorings, including black-n-tan and typical Boxer colors, with or without white markings. Average height is around 27 inches, but smaller examples can be found.

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