One of the most popular American hunting breeds, the Black And Tan Coonhound has been bred to a consistent type since the 16th century, when it was developed from the old Virginia Foxhound, Talbot Hound, Irish Kerry Beagle, English Foxhound and the Bloodhound, as well as some common working hounds in the Appalachian, Ozark, Blue Ridge and other mountain ranges of the southern United States. Although similar to the Bloodhound, this is a lighter and faster breed, able to hunt a great variety of game, from racoons, foxes and possums to wild boars and even bears. Equally adept at both daytime and nightime hunting, the Black And Tan Coonhound has an excellent nose and is famous for its relentless trailing ability and stamina. Once it "trees" the prey, this driven hound will use its loud and recognizable voice to lead the hunters to their mark.

The American Black And Tan Coonhound was first registered as a breed in 1900 and officially recognized in 1945, remaining a regular competitor in Dog Shows ever since. Primarily a working hunter, this is also a calm and obedient house pet. While some specimens can be stubborn at times, this is generally an easy breed to train and socialize. The Black And Tan Coon Hound is loyal and loving of children, making an agreable family companion. Naturally aloof with strangers, it also makes a reliable watchdog. Strong-legged, well-boned and muscular, this is a powerful and surprisingly agile breed, enjoying an active and working lifestyle, but is content with long walks and sufficient daily excercise.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, always black-n-tan in colour. Average height is around 26 inches.

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