The Bull-Rott was developed in the United States by crossing Bullmastiffs with Rottweilers, with the intention of creating a dog that had the protective drive of a Rottie, but with the trainability and reliable temperament of a Bullmastiff. This is primarily a property guardian, but when socialized and handled properly, it makes an agreable family companion. The American Bull-Rott is supposedly healthier than its parent breeds and also easier to train. In appearance it somewhat resembles certain strains of the Tosa-Inu, but this is such a common cross in America that it's hard to distinguish an actual Bull-Rott from a basic 1st generation cross-dog. However, the breed has been recognized and is slowly gaining popularity in its native country. The body is strong-boned, muscular and wide-chested, with a large head and a powerful neck.

The short coat is flat and dense, coming in fawn, wheaten, red and black-n-tan colourings. Average height is around 26 inches.

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