A moderately popular hog-hunting dog in Australia, this rugged worker is a cross between the English Bullmastiff and the Deutsche Dogge from the NSW region of the country, where it has been steadily increasing in numbers since the early 1990's. By using the most athletic and driven representatives of its parent breeds, the fanciers of this hunter have established the Bully Dane as a reliable and capable working dog, posessing good speed, physical power and great instincts.

The appearance can vary, from somewhat leaner and taller dogs to those that are quite wide and closer to the Bullmastiff in type, but they are all agile, strong and committed to their job. Although it is primarily a hunting cross, the Bully Dane also makes an agreable companion and watchdog, due to its love of children and natural territorial instincts. The body is muscular, broad-shouldered and well-boned, with a strong neck and a large head.

The coat is short and flat, coming in a variety of colourings, including solid fawn, blue, black, tan and reddish-brown, as well as merle and harlequin shades and various bicolours. Average height is around 28 inches, but taller dogs exist.

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This profile gives a very accurate description of the origin, purpose and current status of the breed. You may find some of the information published here to be different from what you will read in breed books, published encyclopedias and on other websites. Unlike the articles usually found in most of those sources, the MD breed Profiles are a result of many years of actual research and travelling around the world. However, since most of the Profiles have been written over the course of the past 15 years, some of them might need to be updated. We do not distort the information, but rather state our perspective on the breeds based on our extensive research and contributed information. If you have any additional info that you believe we might find interesting, feel free to let us know about it. Constructive feedback is welcome - disparaging remarks are not. Enjoy!
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from the book "A History And Description Of The Modern Dogs Of Great Britain And Ireland. (Sporting Division)", by Rawdon Briggs Lee, published 1887.
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