The American Molosser is a medium to large sized breed, smooth haired, sturdy dog of short, square build and strong bone. The musculation is clean and very powerfully developed and stands plastically through the skin. The movements are lively and full of strenght and power. The gait is firm, ground covering. Developed to serve as both guard and catch dog, he combines strenght and agility with elegance and determination. He is alert and confident.

HEIGHT: Male 20-26 in Female 19-24in MASS: Male 90-120 lbs Female 75-100 lbs

COLOR: Any color acceptable with all else equal preferance given to the following, in said order: Black, Dark Brindle, Blue, Blue & Red Brindle, Light Brindle, Red, any of the above colors with white, multi-colored acceptable.. Flaws: Solid White or White more than 75% considered undesirable. Reasoning: 1) White dogs carry recessive deaf genes. 2) The orginial bullenbiesser was dark in color.

COAT: Short, lying smooth and tight to the body

BODY : Large in proportion to body and square. Thick, powerful, jaws. Muzzle short and proportionate. Ears cropped or uncropped, set high and wide, with either button or rose bud preferred.

TEMPERAMENT: Friendly, but bold and fearless. Adversary to threats to master or property. Overly aggresive dogs are considered a flaw, a confident dog is only aggressive when warranted. We do not produce dangerous dogs. Nor do we sell them to dangerous people.

BITE: Slighty undershot, reverse scissors, extremely powerful

WORKING ABILITY: All Americam Molosser MUST be consistently proven, titles are required on pedigree information and are only PPDA certified, to date.

PURE BRED MOLOSSER vs BANDOG: No AM are accepted for breeding purposes unless the adult is reviewed by the breeder and tested or titled by a certified PP trainer/club. By-laws and B.O.D. membership available upon request. All pure bred Molossers that have genetic superiority and have proven themselves with temperament test, personal protection, PPDA title I,II,or III (good luck!) with catch-work. Breeding status may be given to a titled Molosser, without catch-work, but never to a Molosser that is not titled and catches. Reasoning, temperament unproven.

Bandog status will be given to any dog that mets all above requirements but hasn't been proven consistently for three generations with breeding and proven working ability.

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These breeds are either directly linked to the 1st and 2nd Molosser Group, but bred away from common type
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This is the second grouping of molossers. They are the results of crossing group one with other dogs.
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Molossers that are bred true to original mountain type, regardless of the age and country of their origin.
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Not so much a "new" breed as it is a continuation of the old practice in the English countryside of perpetually refining a working farm bulldogg
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The ancient Aryan Molossus has close ties with the Sage Koochee and old Persian mastiffs, as well as other Central Asian dogs, but this is a pure and distinct Afghani breed, likely older than the rest of its relatives.
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