Illyrian Sheepdog is a large, strong, long haired dog with an Impressive appearance. It is a very capable livestock guardian and takes great care of its flock.. Its impressive appearance, massive head, and compact build, with strong and muscular legs presents a very formidable foe to anything that threatens its flock. It has fiery eyes which shows intelligent and its brave nature. It has a sincere character and is very sharp when it is required but not aggressive.

BODY: It is slightly longer in width then height, index size for male dogs is 104-108 cm whereas for female dogs is 106-110. Height in Male Dogs: 67-75cm Height in Female Dogs: 62-70cm Weight in Male Dogs: 46-60kg Weight in Female Dogs: 30-50kg. Over 50% of exemplary male dogs are taller than 70cm whereas in female dogs 66cm.

HEAD: Head length in male dogs is 27-32cm with an average of 30cm whereas, in female dogs 24-29cm with an average of 27cm. The proportion skull-muzzle, in mail dogs 17,4cm: 12,6cm whereas in female dogs 15,3cm : 11,7cm, report 60:40 muzzle compose 2/5 of head whereas the skull 3/5 in male dogs and 5/9 in female dogs.

COLOR: There are several varieties of colors where in relation to percentage dominate: Tiger Color with 30%, grey color with all the varieties 20%, Yellow color with black muzzle 20%, white color 20% and counter mask (muzzle). HAIR: The hair is long and course with a harsh outer coat and a very dense undercoat.

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