Originally intended as an outcross to be used early on in the Leavitt Bulldog breeding programme, the present-day Able Bulldog is a breed on its own, developed by Mike May of Pennsylvania, a long-time breeder of Olde English Bulldogges and Leavitt Bulldogs. By crossing selected working lines of American Bulldogs with Leavitt Bulldogs, Mike May wanted to create an all-around farm utility dog which could be employed for personal and property protection, hunting/catch work and weight-pull, but also a dog capable of therapy work and suited for the role of a family companion. The goal wasn't so much the re-creation of the original British bulldogge as it was a desire to establish a healthy modern working bulldogge. The Able Bulldog is a still a breed in development, chiefly relying on 1st generation crosses and careful selection of breeding stock through testing of working qualities, but once reasonable uniformity is accomplished, both in terms of appearance and temperament, an official breed Standard will be written, but Mike May and his partners are more concerned with establishing a satisfactory stock of dogs whose health, personality traits, drive and agility are suitable for further breedings than with the look of their bulldogs. In this respect, the Able Bulldog is very close to the legendary working bulldogges of old, whose appearance and purity were of little importance to their keepers, but their working abilities, tenacity and power were what made them so appealing in England and worldwide.

While the name of this new Molosser is derived from the initials of the American Bulldog breed (AB) and first two letters of the Leavitt Bulldog (LE), the Able Bulldog label is also indicative of what exactly is expected from this creation. A great deal of attention is placed on the intelligence, drive and a stable temperament in the selection of dogs included in the Able Bulldog breeding programme, because this worker shouldn't only be tough, athletic and powerful, but also trainable and willing to please its master. The ideal Able Bulldog is a muscular, well-boned and functional animal, with a large, broad head, well-developed jaws and a reasonably short muzzle, having no difficulty breathing when performing the duties expected of a working dog. Tails are usually docked, but it isn't a requirement.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, preferred in shades of fawn, red, brown, black and brindle, with or without white markings. Uniform white coats are undesired due to an increased risk of health issues such as skin allergies, deafness and cancer observed in such dogs. The size of Able Bulldogs still varies, but the height should be 19 - 20 inches. Photo Gallery

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