The lovely Bull-Boxer was developed in England by crossing the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the German Boxer, although some AmStaff blood has been suggested as well. The majority of American representatives of the breed also contain Pit Bull blood and tend to be more dominant. This is a breed which is used primarily as a companion, but is also a quite capable watchdog. Bulky, but elegant, the Bull-Boxer is reportedly a very healthy dog, not suffering from certain issues associated with its parent breeds.

Very agile and athletic, the breed enjoys an active lifestyle. Sound temperament and love of children make this breed a wonderful family dog of increasing popularity. Early socialization is required, due to a possibilty of confrontational impulses around strange dogs. Some variety in terms of physical appearance exist within the breed, but all Bull Boxers are generally well-boned, muscular and have strong heads, with powerful muzzles and well-developed jaws. The ears and tail are usually left natural, but altered specimens can be found.

The coat is short and dense, allowed in a variety of colours. Average height is around 19 inches, although taller examples can be seen.

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