This rare breed comes from Calabria in Italy. Often called the Calabrian Cane Corso, this is a heavier dog, wider in body and rounder in head-type, compared to its Sicilian cousin. Like many other breeds of the region, the Calabrian Bucciriscu has been used for a number of duties, like protecting livestock and property, as well as fighting. Another breed bearing the Cane di Macellaio name, this Calabrian dog was used for accompanying butchers to the markets and guarding their stores.

Common crossings with the Cane Corso Italiano have diminished the number of pure specimens within both breeds, unfortunately resulting in the forseable demise of the Bucciriscu Calabrese. Athletic, intelligent and driven, this is an agile and trainable working dog. The body is muscular, with strong legs and a powerful neck. The ears and tail are usually left natural, but some working specimens are cropped.

Short dense coat is usually black, but brindles are appreciated. Some white markings are acceptable on the chest and feet. Average height is said to be around 28 inches, but the majority of actual examples are smaller, usually measuring 25 inches at the withers.

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