This breed was developed in the United States by crossing the American-bred Boxers with American Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs. Originally taller and bulkier than the German dogs, it has been bred back to the Boxer and is today somewhat difficult to distinguish it from its European cousin, apart from height and temperament differences. Some authorities believe that certain strains of the modern German Boxer have been "enriched" with a percentage of the American Boxer blood. This breed is still very rare and slow to gain popularity, even though it is suggested to be much healthier and more trainable than its parent breeds.

Wide-chested, well-boned and with a powerful neck and head, this is an agile and athletic Molosser. Gentle with family members and suspicious of strangers, it makes a good watchdog.

The coat is short and smooth, coming in all colours, including white. Average height is around 27 inches, but there is also a smaller variety, which rarely exceeds 22 inches at the shoulder.

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