ORIGIN AND PURPOSE: Origin not given. Purpose: A baiting dog. GENERAL APPEARANCE: Powerful, medium sized. TEMPERAMENT: Tough and very brave. SIZE: Weight: 36kg. Height at withers: 56cm. COAT AND COLOR: Coat - Short and hard. Color; Brindle, fawn or red; white hair or markings not desirable Head: Of great size when compared to the body. Skull is big, square and wide, its perimeter being larger than the total height of the animal. Cheek muscles are so developed that they reach the medium level of the eye. Although the animal shows a small gill and a few wrinkles in the cheeks, it can not be said that the head skin fores wrinkles. Muzzle & Nose: The nose is wide and starts at the eyeset; seen from the profile it is straight but from the front somewhat conic, rather large although shorter than the distance between the eyes and the occiput. The muzzle is black, wide placed at a distance of a third between the eyes and the lower jaw. A well defined vertical line runs between the nostrils. Mouth: The mouth is black, with well marked Strives. The inside should be bred. and the edges black. Upper lip is somewhat cut, and the lower can not be seen when the mouth is shut. Eyes: Somewhat obliques, bumpy, oval, deeply dark, and well placed. Conjunctive should not show. Separated from one another, when seen from front, they do not show white. Ears: Short, thin and curved; channel showing. Set high and well apart the eyes. Neck: Long, strong and thick. Similar in width to that of the head, prolonging the withers. FOREQUARTERS: Straight and well separated. Very developed forearms with heavy bone. Forelegs should be shorter than the third. shorter than the hind. Body: Short back; very wide in the front; rounded brisker, deep and large; short Loins with a deep descending arch to the hips. This area is a bit higher than at the withers; tall inserted low. HINDQUARTERS: Short and straight hocked with a short, straight and strong leg. Plain and natural joints. Fake toe in the hindquarters. Gait: None given. Tail: Strong at the root, reaching the hock. Carried low when resting and to the level of the back when in movement. FAULTS: None given. DISQUALIFICATION’S None given.
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