This primitive breed from Polynesia was developed in the volcanic hill district from indigenous mountain dogs and the Chinese Chow Chow. Unlike its vicious cousin known as the Kintamani Dog, the Bali Dog is a good natured breed, friendly with people and not aggressive towards dogs, although it will not back away from a fight when threatened or attacked.

The "Bali Mastiff" misnomer is reportedly based on the existence of a much larger variety which was common in the past, but this type is no longer found. Some consider the Bali Mountain Dog to be the same breed as the aforementioned Anjing Kintamani, but although related, these two breeds are reasonably different from one another to be separated. Even though of stable temperament, the Bali Dog is fairly territorial and protective. It is very intelligent and alert, making a good watchdog. Its body is strong and compact, with a broad chest and thick, muscular legs.

The coat is thick and rich, preferably solid white in colour, but other shades can be encountered on occasion.

Average height is around 20 inches.

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