0-Assyrian dog-Babylon dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia dog clay-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ پژدر



1-Assyria Map-Mesopotamia Map-Kurdistan Map

Historical facts and evidence derived from the Assyrian and Babylonian 
civilizations in today's Kurdistan region, Indicates that Kurdish dogs, or pshdar dogs, are in fact the old dogs of Iraqi
The inscriptions discovered in this area are 5000 years old. And this Shows the long history of this powerful race in guarding and
protecting the people of this region.
Based on apparent features as well as behavioral characteristics.

To understand this, it is enough to have a look at the undeniable similarities
between the carved dogs in the ancient inscriptions with today's Pshdar dogs.

For Example :



1-large dewlap,

2-loose skin and hanging face,(wrinkle face)


3-raised tail and Ring-shaped
4-soft floppy ears
5-body anatomy in the form of fish,(that's
mean : Wide Chest and thin waist) 6-And the attitude of war and all show the characteristics of Kurdish dogs


In the following, see more photos of the

kurdish dog breed match with the a

ncient dogs of the Assyrian




1-Assyrian dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia dog clay tablet-سگ پژدر-کتیبه سگ کردی-سگ پشدر


2-Assyrian dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia dog clay tablet-سگ پژدر-کتیبه سگ کردی-سگ پشدر



3-Assyrian dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia Dog clay tablet-سگ پژدر-کتیبه سگ کردی-سگ پشدر


4-Assyrian dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar Dog-Mesopotamia dog Clay Tablets(Plaques)-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ پژدر


5-Assyrian Dog-Dog Fight war-Kurdish Dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia dog Clay Tablet-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ کردی



Now compare these two races together:
Do you think the dog race of the Assyrians is not the Kurdish dog or Pshdar?
The answer to this question is simple.
Only by viewing the common features between the two
Anyone can recognize that it is exactly that.


1-Assyrian Dog-Dog Fight war-Kurdish Dog-Pshdar dog-Mesopotamia Dog Clay Tablets-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ پژدر

kurdish dog inscription-assyrians dog inscription-mesopotamia dog clay plaque-pshdar dog-سگ کردی-سگ پژدر-کتیبه سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ پژدر

3-Kurdish dog Inscription-Assyrians dog inscription-mesopotamia dog clay plaque-pshdar dog-سگ پشدر-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-کتیبه سگ پژدر-کتیبه سگ کردی



5-Assyrian dog-Kurdish dog-Pshdar Dog-Mesopotamia dog Clay Tablets-سگ پژدر-سگ کردی-

What do you think ?
Do you know the dog breed with such characteristics close to the
ancient dogs of the Assyria?


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  •  admin: 
    Tell me seriously. These dogs seem to have a close resemblance to the Mastin Espanol. Are they related in some way?
     10.09.20181 replies1 replies 
    0 points
  •  realname: 
    Sure, that those Persian- Assyrian- Babylonian dogs are ancestors to all molosser dogs !
     10.09.20181 replies1 replies 
    0 points
  •  admin: 
    You make a good case and the photos and ancient carvings are very close in likeness. Thank you for sharing that article and the photos in it.
     03.09.20181 replies1 replies 
    0 points
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