MyBreedData - Canine Inherited Disorder Prevalence Database

Provided by Genoscoper Laboratories and Wisdom Health


Genoscoper Laboratories and Wisdom Health contribute to the canine genetics research community through scientific exploration of canine disease heritage. Through comprehensive genetic screening, we aim to provide unprecedented insight into the distribution and prevalence of canine genetic disease variants across breeds.

The data that is made available through this interactive breed portal has its foundation in peer-reviewed scientific publications by Genoscoper Laboratories and its collaborators. The prevalence information is made available for breed health research purposes only and is done so on a non-profit basis. Genotype frequencies are updated weekly, and shown when a minimum of 30 dogs have been tested from a breed. When referencing the data reported here in publications, please refer to the below for citation purposes. 

Separate terms, conditions, and test availability apply to commercial DNA screening. For further information on commercial DNA screening for your dog and breed, please visit Feedback and suggestions related to MyBreedData should be directed to

For Citation and Reference purposes:

MyBreedData Canine Inherited Disorder Prevalence Database (



Canine Inherited Disorder Prevalence Database

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