The Price Boar Beisser is a Predator Defense Dog that was developed by Jason Price of Jamesville, North Carolina, USA in 2003. officially recognized by the Animal Research Foundation in 2009, trademarked with the US Patent & Trademark Office in 2012 and recognized by The Dog Registry of America in 2015.

The Price Boar Beisser is a dog developed to accompany and protect it’s master in deeply forrested, rugged  and untraversed back country. A Diligent and alert dog, he will often detect danger long before it appears. The Boar Beisser is bred to have the courage and prey drive to meet an attack from a large predator head on, it has the size and power to withstand the attack, the gameness to stay on it’s target no matter how tough the situation may be. The natural instinct of the Boar Beisser is to go after the predator and give chase. This may leave the master unprotected unless the dog is trained on the reall and to remain in proximity with the master.

The Price Boar Beisser is the Working Dog of the Outdoors Man, a rugged dog who will be right at home guarding your farm or camp through out the night and has the endurance to move over rough territory for long treks through out the day. The Boar Beisser can be used for locating and holding wounded game just as the kill dogs did that accompanied hunters today and hundreds of years ago.

As the name implies, a well trained Price Boar Beisser is a very powerful and highly effective catch dog. Boar Beissers are most typically worked in a catch team of one male and one female. When not in the field the Boar Beisser is right at home protecting your family from predators of the legged and four legged variety.

Average height for males 26 to 28 inches, females 24 to 27 inches. Average weight for males is 90 - 140 pounds. Average weight for females is 80-100 pounds.

The Price Boar Beisser can be found at the founding kennel - Weaponx Kennels.

Price Boar Beisser Standard

Price Boar Beisser Standard

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    just another mastiff lines but beauty lines 

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    This new breed looks like a fantastic working dog. Their breed standard is attached in the files section.
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